The Kijaro Dual Lock Couch has been ingrained with high bolt technology that a lot of campers find valuable. This invention supports locking the seating into one specific position where now you can sit down serenely without dread of the seats overstretching to split up.

The couch and the trunk have been efficiently coordinated alongside one another to give about an improved position point that could keep you comfortable for whatever amount of time that you take a seat on the seat. The armrest has been made generally enough to bolster the hands, and each one of them has a goblet holder.

These holders have an ongoing work and hurdle to secure your refreshments and jugs securely. The seat back has been made employing a breathable work. This work will enable air to carefully turn around the seating effectively along these lines boosting solace notwithstanding amid hot days and nights. The best weight limit upheld by the Kijaro Dual Lock Couch is defined at 300 pounds.


Option of accessories

It is fitted with a range of accessories such as glass holders and a breathable mesh lining that keeps drinks and even food cool for a long period of time. These are ideal in improving the general human relaxation as well as making outdoor experience more interesting.


Kijaro has generated their basis on offering highly comfortable lightweight chairs that list above others scheduled to a distinctive feature or two; that one is not a different. The dual lock system on the Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Couch produces a no sag seats position, and therefore you ought to be in a position to support yourself without fretting about drooping or slipping off of the seat. The frame is wide enough to support individuals who are above even 6 feet tall.

Value offered

Though this model is not costly at all even, buying it will be a good notion because as it always gets the best price. For the purchase price you purchase the Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Couch by Kijaro, you can stay assured that there aren’t many competition on the market that can rival the knowledge made available from item. You must give it a try for you to ultimately know the capability of the Lock feature and in what scope it could be utilized to discover the best seating experience.


People attempting to choose the Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Seat by Kijaro ought to know this item provides extra resistant against drinking water, dirt, and various external elements. It’s been crafted remember that it might be used for durable purposes. As the weight support limit is 300 pounds, people of virtually all sizes can have a soothing seat without considering any likelihood of the shape collapsing.

Convenient to carry

This Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Seat model produces a great outdoor couch because it will not shortage in the components of portability. The structure of this couch has been manufactured from durable material, which indeed acts its reason for providing exceptional dependability but on the other palm, might feel a little bit on the bulkier area as it weighs in at around 10 pounds. You’ll get a carry tote with built-in hold straps that produce journeying with the couch slightly easier and far more convenient.

Easy to use

The Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Seat by Kijaro gets its name from the copyrighted Dual Lock technology provides users a fantastic selection of locking in the couch at any position that they have the preferred.

Since an individual arrangement cannot work for everybody, this brand has think of a genius way to getting prior to the competition by adding this Lock feature that may be managed without having to spend a lot of time establishing things.

Built to be employed by campers and hiking enthusiasts, this model supplies the easiest construction possible with the best comfort configurations and is one of the better camping chairs.


  • Dual lock Technology. This gives the chair an improved seating background better than other collapsing car seats. Whether at a children pastime or soothing around at camp carrying out a day of chasing, this chair will really emerge in an organization.
  • It locks into a collapsed position for simple versatility without a convey pack, and secures in the vacant position for greatest seat and back backing. There is absolutely no other seat enjoy it!


  • Not preferable for use by kids who cannot set it up easily.
  • Accommodates only one person


It has all desirable features needed for camping and is a perfect deal other related outdoor activities such as hiking.

The seat back again consists of a breathable mesh which ensures proper air flow. The Kijaro Dual Lock Couch has the capacity to support up to 300 pounds without even extending its capacity. You can find 2 cup holders where you can place your beverages and a zip-based pocket to store valuables like keys, cash, lighters, and other essential items you may try hike.

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