This Coleman camping chair by is made by a high profile brand, the Coleman. It is not a simply ordinary chair, unlike many other chairs in the market. With this chair, you won’t mind about your drinks getting warm when out in sunlight while camping.

The chair’s armrest has a soft cooler that is inbuilt and can take up to 4 cans. From the cooler apart, you possess the mesh glass holder where in fact the drink is put by you accessible. The chair has a padded seat, as the frame is steel made.

To increase the comfort, the Coleman Oversized Quad Seat is made with a backrest to help you to relax perfectly. If you are done using the chair, you will just fold it and placed into a bag for easy storage and transportation

King-size quick fold seat is Deluxe cushioned model with extra huge arms and protected extra-large cooler handbag with inbuilt glass holder mounted on the arms Backside mesh holder Steel shape front leg combination support for added stableness High strength vinyl corners for extended life Carry tote with strap Weight (kg) 4 Cloth 600D Polyester Shape 19mm steel body Weight Capacity (kg) 130



This model is highly honored and much better than average as far as comfort is concerned. It’s very roomy, which is fantastic if you put in mind the chair’s 325 lb. weight limit, it gives a good back support. This model was set alongside the Kijaro, another traditional camping couch which has similar qualities.


The Coleman is as lightweight as almost all other outdoor models in the market. Weighing below 10 lbs., it is less overweight and is easy to transport when it packed into its carrying bag with strap. Another good with this chair is that when packaging it, it’s much cooler and not easy to collapse and would provide a little resistance when wanting to pack the couch into its storage space bag


This seat has received high ratings in durability. A good thing with it is that the mesh does not loosen up and sag. Though it was more of a plastic when compared to others, it didn’t make testers feel like the fine mesh was week. The glass holder is created from the same mesh materials which has made many testers not worried about its deficiency of strength as well.

Simple Set-Up

Users of any era could put together the Coleman Quad. All you need to do to create it up is take apart the seat at two opposing vertical support hip and legs and it places itself up after that. This is much loved for occasions when you move over for an instant lunch time and want some simple, straight forward seating.


  • It is a high quality chair compared to other designs in the market. The quality material ensure that the seat serves you for a longer period of time.
  • It is a perfect option for camping. Camping require seats of this type since they have the features needed. Portability and simplicity are key achievements that the chair maker put into consideration.
  • It is strong. This chair has the ability to support heavy weight people and thus a good option as it does not neglect weight.
  • Recommended for use. This chair has attracted a lot of positive reviews from different customers, making it highly recommendable for use.


  • It is dull. Many people complain that this chair does not give the perfect impressions needed by customers for camping. Many likes chairs that are simply impressive and beautiful.
  • It is non- adjustable. This chair cannot be adjusted in many positions and many users complain of constant monotony of one seating position.
  • Can accommodate one person. This is a slim chair suitable for one person, and cannot fit more than one, such as a couple.


This an undoubtedly a nice camping option. Just like many other chairs, it has all the desired features needed for camping.

Testers have concluded that the Coleman Quad is a good, all around accomplishing couch for a favorable price. It was convenient than quite a few chairs, portable and durable reasonably, and super easy to assemble. It got excellent storage numerous bonus features like a glass holder, arm cool, and storage area pouch. This makes it an outstanding option that everyone should consider for camping.

We’d recommend this couch to the infrequent and flexible camper. A person who doesn’t want to invest too much on the chair because they don’t really utilize it frequently, but when they are doing, it’s for a range of different uses.

Testers really preferred its excess support, durability and comfort, the very best Buy option, but if you are mounted on the extra safe-keeping options of the Coleman Oversized Quad Seat, it is an excellent alternative.

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